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Pelosi Statement on House Passage of Ocean Shipping Reform Act

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement after the House approved Senate-passed legislation to crack down on excessively high shipping costs:

“Today, the Democratic Congress takes another step in our fight to ease the burden of rising costs for American families and small businesses.  By passing our bipartisan Ocean Shipping Reform Act, we proudly send to the President’s desk a bill to address sky high shipping costs and advance the fair, fast flow of goods in and out of our ports.

“Exorbitant shipping fees are driving up costs for small business and consumers while leaving urgently-needed products to wait on the dock.  This legislation will help keep essential products on the shelves by leveling the playing field for small businesses and making it easier for them to get their goods to market.  As nearly 100 key trade groups recently wrote to Members of Congress, the Ocean Shipping Reform Act will help ‘ensure U.S. competitiveness … and lead to continued economic recovery.’

“Let us salute Congressman John Garamendi for spearheading this effort in the House and serving as a resolute voice for a fairer, more transparent shipping industry.  As we continue advancing our agenda For The People, House Democrats remain laser-focused on strengthening supply chains and lowering costs across the country.  This Thursday, the House will take further action by passing the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act to bring down prices for families in the grocery aisle and at the gas pump.”

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