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Democrat Referendum in San Francisco

Last night, residents of San Francisco recalled District Attorney Chesa Boudin by an overwhelming 60%, sending a message heard across the state and country that they are fed up with soft-on-crime policies that have made their communities more dangerous.

When Boudin first took office, he made it a priority to put the needs of criminals over the safety of San Francisco’s residents by eliminating cash bail for criminal offenses, decreasing pretrial jail time, and refusing to charge minors as adults, even in egregious cases.

As President Biden, Vice President (and former San Francisco DA) Harris, and San Francisco Representative and Speaker Pelosi look to model national criminal justice reform after California, yesterday’s recall is a stark referendum on Democrats and their liberal policies which have failed the American people.

Unlike Democrats, House Republicans have consistently stood on the side of law and order. Today we introduced the “Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act,” offered by Representatives Malliotakis (NY-11) and Tiffany (WI-07 ). This bill would hold liberal prosecutors accountable to their federal taxpayer constituents when their office accepts federal taxpayer money by making the prosecution process more transparent by requiring prosecutors to report:

  • When they fail to prosecute serious crimes;
  • Plead down serious crimes to lesser offenses; and
  • Inform citizens on the amount of reoffenders committing crimes in their communities.

The “Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act” will help to ensure that the safety of Americans remains prosecutors’ top priority, and House Republicans are ready to continue fighting to fund our police, decrease crime, and make our streets safer for all Americans.

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