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Congressman Schiff on Passage of Protecting Our Children Act

June 08, 2022

“It has been a heartbreaking month in America. Mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting. Too many people are mourning the loss of too many loved ones. And far, far too many of these innocent victims have been children – who woke up one morning for a day of learning and play and never made it home to their parents.

“These tragedies aren’t inevitable or unpredictable. We have the power to stop them. We just need to take action. That’s exactly what the House began today by passing the Protecting Our Children Act – a package of commonsense gun safety measures that will help prevent more children from getting shot and more mothers and fathers from suffering the unthinkable, the loss of their child. Each of the elements of this gun reform package is supported by the vast majority of the American people.

“As this legislation now makes its way to the Senate, I want to remind my colleagues this must be just the start. I want an assault weapons ban, and to strip away the immunity of the gun industry. I want universal background checks and more. We must do everything we can to get gun safety legislation over the finish line, and this moment demands bold, courageous action. We must finally put ourselves on a path to end to this national nightmare.”


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