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McCarthy Announces Congressional Art Competition Winners

Yesterday, Congressman Kevin McCarthy announced the winners of the 40th Annual “An Artistic Discovery” Congressional Art Competition for high school students in our community. Students from across the district had the opportunity to submit a personal piece of art for consideration earlier this year.

McCarthy released the following statement:

“The artwork submitted this year reflects the great creativity coming from our community’s students, and I am glad that the Congressional Art Competition gives me a platform to celebrate their exceptional artwork every year. Congratulations to all the finalists, including our overall winner, Lily, on her impressive piece, “Want some?” I look forward to seeing her art displayed in the U.S. Capitol!”

Art Competitions (1) 2022.JPG

The overall winner is Lily Kreiger, Desert Christian Home Education, won with her pencil piece titled “Want some?” Lily will be invited to attend the exhibit opening of “An Artistic Discovery” in Washington, D.C., this summer. Her artwork will be displayed in the corridor leading to the U.S. Capitol for a period of one year. 
Below you will find first, second, and third place as well as honorable mentions for the following categories:
All Other Medium Category
First Place: Kaysie Kendra, Tehachapi High School, Paper- “California Quail”
Second Place: Susanna Macy, Hilltop Academy of Fine Arts, Pen- “Time Moves On”
Third Place- Rianna Clayton, Bakersfield High School, Charcoal- “Life and Death”
Honorable Mention: Eleanor Hutchinson, Tehachapi High School, Watercolor- “Tranquil Scales”
Photography Category
First Place: Ashley Moreno, Ridgeview High School, Photo- “Mushrooms”
Second Place: Ainsley Alsbury, Tehachapi High School, Photo- “Between Earth and Sky”
Third Place: Jacob Sandoval, Ridgeview High School, Photo- “Longing”
Honorable Mention: Jonah Masferrer, Tehachapi High School, Photo- “Beauty”
Computer Generated Art Category
First Place: Carli Trillo, Tehachapi High School, Computer Art- “Carried Away”
Second Place: Evan Anderson, Tehachapi High School, Computer- “The Gentleman”
Third Place: Alisa Selman, Ridgeview High School, Computer Art- “Untitled”

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