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Congressman Schiff on Shooting at Geneva Presbyterian Church

May 15, 2022

“It is horrifying to be grieving yet another tragic shooting in just 72 hours – another weekend in America defined by senseless violence. Tonight, my heart is with the congregants of Geneva Presbyterian Church and the entire Laguna Woods community as they mourn and pray for their loved ones. My heart is also with those in Buffalo, in Milwaukee, and every community torn apart by gun violence.

“The details of what happened at Geneva Presbyterian are still coming in, but we do know a group of churchgoers were able to apprehend and disarm the suspect in a stunning display of bravery that undoubtedly saved lives.

“I will never accept this bloodshed as unavoidable. It can be stopped. But as we’ve seen over the past few days, months, and years, unless we take immediate action on gun safety measures, history will repeat itself. Again and again. Enough is enough. We must act.”


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