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Harder Introduces New Bill to Send Drivers $500 Gas Price Rebate Checks

WASHINGTON – Today, Representative Josh Harder introduced the Putting Gas Money Back in Your Pocket Act which will send $500 gas price relief checks directly to taxpayers across the country. The new legislation will send single taxpayers $500, joint taxpayers $1,000, and dependents 16 years and older $500 in the same form Americans received their stimulus checks. Gas price relief would be sent out to taxpayers as soon as possible.


Central Valley drivers will pay an average of $5.72 per gallon today, more than $2 more per gallon than the same time last year, according to AAA.


“Sky high gas prices are crushing our community, so today I’m introducing a bill to put money back where it belongs: our families’ pockets,” said Rep. Harder. “The Putting Gas Money Back in Your Pocket Act will deliver $500 gas price rebate checks to every driver in our community so families can afford to get where they need to go. Nobody should have to worry about being able to afford their commute in the morning or picking up their kids in the afternoon.”


Rep. Harder has been leading the charge to tackle gas prices for months. In November, he urged leaders in Sacramento to suspend any future increases in the tax. In December, he wrote directly to Governor Newsom urging him to immediately cut the gas tax and published an op-ed in Fox Business titled I’m a Democrat and it’s time for our government to stop making gas more expensive. In February, he introduced legislation to suspend the federal gas tax.


In addition to introducing legislation for a federal gas price rebate, Rep. Harder also sent a letter to California state leader urging them to pass a state gas price rebate.



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