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Honoring Our Heroes: Meet Bill Cronin


Thank you for following along as I’ve shared “Honoring Our Heroes” highlights of some brave service members in our community.

I would like to briefly share another story with you:

Meet William “Bill” Cronin – a former Marine Corps Colonel and current resident of Ridgecrest. A “Navigator,” as his wife liked to call him, Bill flew F-4s RIO until the aircraft was retired, at which point he began flying F-18 WSOs, a job he thoroughly enjoyed. He would go on to serve nearly 30 years in the Marine Corps.

Bill has had remarkable experiences as a Marine Corps pilot, a college graduate, a husband, a father, and now a grandfather. And he has done it with an effervescent spirit and passion for life for which he is well known.

However, he has recently faced some challenges receiving a prosthetic leg from the VA.

Bill made countless calls and sent numerous emails to the VA. Though the VA approved his prosthetic leg, he had yet to receive confirmation on starting the process to obtain it, and the VA was not giving him a clear answer.


During this time he called my office, where I was honored to contact the VA on his behalf, and I am glad to report that we were able to help him. Bill shared, “The nudge your office gave them did the trick. I was contacted by the prosthetic clinic at Loma Linda and all of a sudden they have all the funding they need and I have already been to see them for the initial procedure to get me my prosthesis.”

Our veterans are true patriots – men and women whose courage we should aspire to emulate. Their valor while serving was unmatched, and as a Member of Congress, I will continue fighting to ensure that the benefits that they have not only earned, but deserve, are provided to them in a swift manner. 

If you are in need of any assistance, please call my office at (661) 327-3611, and I would be happy to help you.

May God Bless our service members,

Kevin McCarthy

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