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Congressman Schiff on Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

November 06, 2021

“In California, like much of the country, we have fallen too far behind and too many of our roads, bridges, and schools are crumbling.

But today, Congress took tangible action to invest in our country’s infrastructure and put our communities on a pathway to thrive, because building modern roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water, and electric grid infrastructure is a vital part of building a better economy — one that works for everyone. The investments made by the bipartisan infrastructure package are long overdue, and they will create millions of jobs while positioning our nation to compete and recover. I am proud to support such impactful investments that I know the communities I serve so desperately need.

But our work remains unfinished. We also made a promise to the American people that we would invest in them, not just the infrastructure around them. We must expand affordable health care and housing, help middle-income families lower their tax bill and seniors pay significantly less for their prescription drugs, guarantee pre-K and higher education, incentivize clean energy and deliver on green energy solutions that position us to combat the climate crisis. And we will do so in the next couple weeks.

The Build Back Better and infrastructure packages will be the greatest investment in our people in generations. A new, New Deal. We can deliver to the American people. We did so today, and we will soon finish the job.”


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