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Pelosi Remarks at Photo Opportunity With The Honorable Roberto Fico, President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Italy

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a photo opportunity today with The Honorable Roberto Fico, President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Italy, ahead of a bipartisan leadership meeting.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks:

Speaker Pelosi.  Buongiorno.  As Speaker of the House, it is my great honor to welcome the Speaker of the House in Italy.  He has a different title: he’s called Mr. President, President.  And I just had the privilege of being in Italy for the G20, where President Fico presided and welcomed a COP26 pre-event there.  It was quite remarkable.  It was remarkable to see the leadership that the assembly – the Chamber of Deputies is taking in Italy in addressing the COVID crisis, addressing climate crisis, economic needs, meeting the needs of the people of Italy and hearing about the record of success.

While it is officially a great honor for me to welcome President Fico, it’s a personal privilege as well.  As an Italian American – and recognizing the strong bridge that Italian Americans provide between our two countries, great countries – it’s pretty thrilling to welcome him to the Capitol.

And this past week, when President and Mrs. Biden visited Italy, it was great joy to see her visit the military families in Naples, there with the Sixth Fleet, her taking pride in her Italian-American heritage as well.  So, this is official and very personal for all of us.

Every chance I get, I want to convey the gratitude of the American people to the government of Italy for its hospitality to our men and women in uniform who were there.  Italy is our best friend in NATO.  It has been a place where we have had our military, our Navy, our Army, every aspect of our military presence there – and, and in addition to that, our values represented.  

So, on my recent trip to Italy, I had the occasion – and thanks to the invitation of President Fico – to extend that gratitude to President Mattarella, to Prime Minister Draghi.  And here today, for us to thank President Fico for the important security ties that Italy and United States honor for global security, regional security and the personal security of our people.

So, I’m very honored that shortly we will engage in a bipartisan conversation to welcome President Fico, to discuss COVID and climate, economic and scientific ties, then, of course security, security, security – and that is a wonderful and welcomed opportunity for us.

Now, it is my official and personal honor to welcome, to introduce to you, present to you, President Fico, our visitor from Italy, so that we can even strengthen our ties, the ties between our two countries.

Mr. President.

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