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Pelosi Statement on 2022 Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the start of the 2022 ACA open enrollment period, which begins today and runs through January 15, 2022 and can be accessed at

“The Affordable Care Act is a pillar of health and financial security for families, delivering on Democrats’ promise that affordable health care is a right, not a privilege.  Starting today, families across America will be able to enroll in affordable, accessible and life-saving coverage for the new year through

“This year, President Biden and Congressional Democrats further built on the success of the ACA with the American Rescue Plan, which has made coverage more affordable than ever – families are now saving an average of over $800 annually and four out of five families can access coverage for under $10 a month.  Thanks to Democrats’ leadership, nearly three million more Americans have gained access to life-saving coverage during the pandemic.

“Now, Democrats are working to Build Back Better, soon passing the Build Back Better Act, which contains the most significant expansion of affordable health care in a decade.  Build Back Better will extend the enhanced subsidies included in the American Rescue Plan — securing affordable premiums for over nine million Americans, delivering coverage to millions of uninsured people and bringing us to near universal health coverage in America.  When we Build Back Better, Democrats will create jobs, cut taxes and lower health costs for families across America.”

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