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WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) issued the following statement after the Supreme Court declined to intervene to stop a Texas law that effectively bans all abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

“The Texas bill essentially making abortion illegal in the state is an appalling – yet unsurprising – escalation in the decades-long battle waged by Republicans to control what women do with their bodies. The conservative Supreme Court’s decision not to strike down this draconian law was a predictable outcome to anyone who has been paying attention to how Mitch McConnell has abused his power to stack the courts at the highest level. Republicans have been making restricting the medical freedoms of Americans their judicial rallying cry ever since Roe was decided. 

“Time and again, so-called moderate, allegedly pro-choice Republicans have joined their rightwing Republican colleagues in confirming radical justices and judges on the flimsy promise that those justices wouldn’t dismantle Roe protections. Well look where we are now. For decades, we’ve seen laws passed to restrict women’s reproductive freedoms.

“It’s Texas today, but radical Republicans across the country have made it clear they’re not finished. If this Texas law is any prediction of what’s to come, it’s grim. This law has no exception for rape, no exception for incest and creates incentives for neighbors to report on one another. This law, like radical Republican legislators, is dangerous. Republicans are wielding the power of the judiciary and of the government to try to control how women, men and families make personal medical decisions. It’s an agenda that is un-American and anti-freedom.

“Democrats recognize this and are acting with urgency. I’m pleased that the House will be voting on the Women’s Health Protection Act soon, so we can enshrine into law women’s reproductive freedom protections. We will not stop fighting.”


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