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Our Country Must Not Withdraw from Afghanistan Until Every American is Safe

Yesterday we learned the tragic news that U.S. servicemembers and Afghans were killed in a horrific terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul. Judy and I send our heartfelt condolences to those families who lost loved ones in the attack. The Biden administration has mismanaged our withdrawal from Afghanistan at every step, and our American heroes and allies should have been better protected.
Our servicemembers deserve better.
Given the grave and immediate nature of the situation in Afghanistan, I have urged Speaker Pelosi to call the House back into session prior to August 31st so that the Biden administration can brief elected Members of Congress on our country’s next course of action. I have also urged the House to immediately consider and pass Rep. Mike Gallagher’s (WI-08) legislation prohibiting the arbitrary August 31st withdrawal of our troops until every American is out of Afghanistan. 
Once all Americans are evacuated and our servicemembers are back on American soil, we must swiftly investigate how we got here and hold the Biden administration accountable for their errors. Transparency in this matter is of the utmost importance, and I will work with my colleagues in Congress until we have the answers that our servicemembers and military families and all Americans merit.

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