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Garamendi Votes to Pass “Build Back Better Act” to provide Historic Support for the Middle Class

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Congressman John Garamendi (D-CA) voted to pass the “Built Back Better Act” budget resolution that will create new jobs, cut taxes for the middle class, and lower costs for consumer goods. It’s all supported by simply requiring the wealthiest Americans and large corporations to pay their fair share in taxes. The legislation passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 220-212 and now heads to the House Committees with jurisdictions over this legislation to draft the final bill, which is expected to pass the House in September.

“Under the leadership of President Biden and Congressional Democrats, the American economy has already created 4 million jobs this year and has grown at the fastest rate in 40 years. Today, the House of Representatives built upon that work by passing the ‘Build Back Better Act’ budget resolution. If this legislation becomes law, it will stand for generations alongside the New Deal as a mainstay for economic growth and prosperity for the American middle class,” Garamendi said.

“A budget is a statement of values, and with the ‘Build Back Better Act’ Congressional Democrats have reaffirmed their commitment to supporting families, workers, and the middle class. I am pleased that the U.S. House of Representatives took this critical step forward today, and look forward to working with my colleagues to craft the final ‘Build Back Better Act,’ which will provide historic support for the middle class and working families,” Garamendi concluded.

The “Build Back Better Act” will deliver more jobs, cut taxes, and lower costs, doing so by making the wealthiest few & big corporations pay their fair share:

  • More Jobs: creating millions of jobs while tackling the climate crisis and ensuring that America will not only compete, but lead the way to the clean energy future. The historic investments in clean technologies will create 2 million jobs each year over the next decade, while reducing carbon emissions 50 percent by 2030. Meanwhile, its transformative investments in women and families – including child care, paid leave, home-based care and universal free pre-K – will unlock the full economic potential of parents in the workforce. It also includes historic investments in workforce training to connect workers to jobs, and establishes small business access to credit and investment.
  • Cut Taxes: Democrats have already made sure 40 million American families received a tax cut through the Biden Child Tax Credit, which is helping cut child poverty in half.  The Build Back Better Agenda doubles down on those investments, resulting in one of the largest tax cuts for Americans ever.
  • Lower Costs: The “Build Back Better Act” will cut costs for the things that keep Americans up at night – like child care, the price of medicine, home care and the cost of college. For the first time, seniors will be able to get the hearing aids, glasses and dental care they need through Medicare. And families will have paid leave when they need it.
  • Wealthy & Big Corporations Pay Fair Share: The “Build Back Better Act” will deliver this progress for families and the middle class by ensuring that the wealthiest and big corporations pay their fair share. No one making under $400,000 will see an increase in their taxes from this bill. Instead, families will see massive tax cuts.

A fact sheet on the “Build Back Better Act” is available here.

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