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Harder Demands No Tax Increases for Working Families in Infrastructure & Reconciliation Packages

WASHINGTON — Today, Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) is demanding both the bipartisan infrastructure package and the budget reconciliation package be passed without any tax increases for working families. Presently, California families have the 4th highest individual income tax burden and the 10th highest total tax burden in the country. The average household in Stanislaus County pays about $8,000 a year in taxes alone. 

“Before I walk into any committee room, join any meeting or talk to any of my colleagues today, I want to be clear: I will not support any package that includes tax hikes on working families,” said Rep. Harder. “We should absolutely be investing in the future of our community, but those investments can’t come on the backs of the families in the Valley still struggling to get by. If you’re a billionaire, your taxes should absolutely go up; but if you’re a working mom or dad with kids at home, I know you’re already paying more than your fair share.”

During his time in Congress, Rep. Harder has stood against a tax hike on health insurance and an increase in the gas tax. He is also a proud supporter of the expanded Child Tax Credit, the largest middle-class tax cut in generations. 

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