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Representative Bera Votes to Support U.S. Capitol Police, Expand Afghan Special ImmRepresentative Bera Votes to Support U.S. Capitol Police, Expand Afghan Special Immigration Visa Programigration Visa Program

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, Representative Ami Bera, M.D. (CA-07) voted for H.R. 3237, the Emergency Security Supplemental to Respond to January 6th Appropriations Act. The legislation, which passed with a strong bipartisan vote in the House, includes critical funding to support the U.S. Capitol Police force, reimburses the National Guard deployed to the Capitol after the January 6th insurrection, and expands and streamlines the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program to protect our Afghan partners who served alongside our troops in combat.

“The U.S. Capitol Police risked their lives to defend our Capitol and our democracy during the January 6th insurrection,” said Representative Bera. “We have a solemn responsibility to not only honor their service and sacrifice, but to ensure they have the necessary resources to carry out their jobs safely and effectively. I am proud to vote for this legislation to support our brave U.S. Capitol Police force, and to reimburse our National Guard for their service in protecting our Capitol.”

Specifically, the emergency security supplemental provides the following funding:

  • $70.7 million for Capitol Police to support more officers and provide overtime pay, hazard pay, and retention bonuses for the Capitol Police;
  • $35.4 million for the Capitol Police for mutual aid agreements with local, state, and federal law enforcement for securing the Capitol;
  • $521 million to reimburse the National Guard deployed to the U.S. Capitol; and
  • $300 million to secure the Capitol complex.

The legislation also provides critical funding for the Afghan SIV program to evacuate our allies and increase the number of authorized visas by 8,000. Representative Bera has been a strong supporter of the SIV program.

“Our Afghan partners have risked their own safety to serve alongside our troops in combat. As the U.S. nears its withdrawal from Afghanistan, we have a moral obligation to provide refuge to these brave Afghans,” said Representative Bera, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, Central Asia, and Nonproliferation. “I am proud to vote to support and expand this lifesaving program.”

H.R. 3237 would:

  • Provide $1 billion for Afghan SIV and refugee assistance, including evacuations, visa processing, humanitarian aid, medical care, and resettlement assistance;
  • Increase the number of authorized SIVs by 8,000;
  • Provide Special Immigrant status for certain surviving spouses and children of SIV applicants killed for their service; and
  • Postpone the required medical exam until the applicant and their family have arrived safely in the United States.

H.R. 3237 now heads to President Biden’s desk for his signature into law.

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