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Harder Reintroduces Resolution Commemorating the Assyrian Genocide

WASHINGTON — Today, Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) reintroduced his resolution commemorating the Assyrian Genocide alongside Rep. Anna Eshoo, the only Assyrian member of Congress. Among its many provisions, this resolution honors the more than 300,000 innocent Assyrians killed during the First World War, recognizes the 7th of August as Assyrian Memorial Day in remembrance of all massacres and genocides committed against the Assyrian people, calls on Congress to finally recognize the Genocide, and rejects any efforts to deny this or any other genocide around the globe.

“Assyrians in the Valley make our community who we are, and it’s time we recognize their history and commemorate their past,” said Rep. Harder. “Let’s call the murder of 300,000 innocent Assyrians what it is – a genocide. Let’s come together once and for all reject efforts to deny this Genocide and any other. And let’s do what needs to be done to push the world to do the same. Today, I’m proud to stand with the Assyrian people in my community and around the globe.”

“For the Assyrian-Americans living in the U.S. Congressional 10th District of California this resolution has been long awaited. We are incredibly grateful to our Congressman Josh Harder for his drive and determination to introduce this resolution,” said Sam David, Financial Committee Chairman of the Assyrian-American Civic Club of Turlock. “His leadership with the recognition of the Assyrian Genocide goes beyond words.  We are truly grateful for his efforts to introduce this resolution but most importantly his resolve for our community in his district.  This momentous occasion and the Importance of it for the Assyrian-American communities across the world is an affirmation of the suffering the Assyrian people have endured throughout the past centuries. “Genocide” such a terrible word.  No human should ever have to suffer this terrible atrocity,”

“We are grateful for Representative Harder’s heartfelt leadership on matters of importance to the Assyrian-American community nationwide, and express our full support for the Assyrian Genocide resolution,” said Ramond Takhsh, Assyrian Policy Institute and former president of Assyrian American Association of Southern California. “Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide goes beyond symbolism—it restores a sense of dignity for the victims and affirms the moral necessity of remembrance. Further, it is a critical step on the journey towards justice and accountability. The Congressman has been a passionate, steadfast champion of this issue, and his efforts have undoubtedly created the space for greater visibility and understanding of both the suffering of the Assyrian people, as well as their resilience.

“At the turn of the 20th century hundreds of thousands of Assyrians, including members of my own family, were brutally massacred at the hands of the Ottoman Empire because of their religious beliefs. This resolution honors the more than 300,000 victims and calls on the U.S. Congress to reject efforts to deny this dark chapter of human history and prevent future atrocities,” said Rep. Anna Eshoo. “As the only Assyrian American serving in Congress, I’m proud to introduce this resolution with Congressman Josh Harder.”

Read the resolution online here.


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