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McCarthy Joins Republicans in Resilient Federal Forests Act

Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy joined Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Bruce Westerman and nearly 70 House Members to introduce the Resilient Federal Forests Act, a bill to help protect our forests and public lands from catastrophic wildfires.

McCarthy released the following statement:

“Our nation’s forests need our help – their health is declining due to drought, insects, disease, and wildfires.

“That’s why I’m proud to support the Resilient Federal Forests Act. This bill will help reduce litigation-related delays that reduce our ability to protect our forests from fires, expedite important management projects, and empower rural communities through increased access and recreation to these lands.

“This legislation is especially critical to a state like California where we experience catastrophic wildfires annually. In 2020, the SQF Complex Fire burned over 170,000 acres – primarily in the Sequoia National Forest in Tulare County – destroying 10 to 14 percent of the world’s total giant sequoia population. We can no longer afford inaction, which is why I am pleased this legislation also includes provisions directing the Forest Service to develop a comprehensive plan to protect giant sequoias from catastrophic fire.

“I applaud Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Westerman, who has been a leader on public lands policy, for taking action to protect our natural resources through the Resilient Federal Forests Act. I am confident that reforms included in this bill will help to improve forest health so that future generations have the privilege of experiencing the great majesty of our national forests and other public lands.”


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