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Pelosi Statement on Court Ruling in McGahn Case Upholding House Subpoena Authority

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,


San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the en banc D.C. Circuit granted House Democrats’ motion to vacate a wrongly-decided ruling relating to enforcement of House subpoena power.  This ruling reinstates the prior D.C. Circuit en banc opinion holding that the House has standing to sue to enforce its subpoenas:

“This ruling reinstates a prior en banc ruling that supported the authority of the Congress to enforce subpoenas and to conduct oversight on behalf of the American people.  This decision, which maintains long-standing precedent and Article I authority, is a victory for the rule of law, for our Constitution’s system of checks and balances and for the American people.

“The House’s persistence in obtaining McGahn’s testimony strengthened the rule of law, for our Constitution’s system of checks and balances.  McGahn confirmed the facts of the past president’s egregious and unprecedented violations of our Democracy.

“Congress is committed to our oversight responsibilities, including by issuing our lawful and legitimate subpoenas, and to always pursuing the truth For The People.”

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