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Ahead of Bipartisan Infrastructure Talks, Harder Pushes Congress Not to Raise the Gas Tax

WASHINGTON — In advance of today’s meeting between President Joe Biden and the bipartisan group of senators negotiating the new infrastructure package, Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) once again called on Congress and the president not to raise the gas tax. Earlier this month, Democrats and Republicans alike suggested raising the gas tax as a way to pay for a new infrastructure plan and the idea continues to garner support among some members of Congress. Rep. Harder’s opposition to raising the gas tax builds on the work he did to oppose raising the tax during his first term in 2018

“Any member of Congress who wants to raise the gas tax is invited to join me in the Central Valley, wake up at 5 AM, and spend hours driving over the Altamont to get to work one morning,” said Rep. Harder. “Instead of raising taxes on working families, we should be cracking down on the giant corporations who pay next to nothing in taxes year after year. 21st century infrastructure is worth the investment, but let’s be adults and put that cost on the folks who can actually afford it rather than the families in the Valley who are still struggling to get by.”


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