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Lofgren, Issa, Swalwell, McClintock, Correa Issue Bipartisan Statement Following Judiciary Committee Markup of Tech Antitrust Bills

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the 23-hour markup in the House Judiciary Committee, U.S. Representatives Zoe Lofgren (D-CA-19), Darrell Issa (R-CA-50), Eric Swalwell (D-CA-15), Tom McClintock (R-CA-04), and Lou Correa (D-CA-46) issued the below statement:

“The marathon markup – that started Wednesday morning, recessed as the sun came up on Thursday morning, and then reconvened for another four hours on Thursday – featured several bills that would radically change America’s leading tech companies and made crystal clear that the bill text as debated is not close to ready for Floor consideration.

“The package of legislation poses harm to American consumers and the U.S. economy and left Members on both sides of the aisle with basic questions that have yet to be answered. What companies are covered in the scope of the bills? If only four, why? Why are foreign firms not covered? Were the definitions of ‘covered platforms’ arbitrary or not? How would the bills impact useful products that consumers rely on? How do the bills protect the data of American consumers? How do the bills protect consumers from arbitrary tech company abuses, as well as safeguard the nation’s security and economic interests? 
“The 16-month-long investigation conducted by the Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law Subcommittee rightfully scrutinized digital markets in an effort to remove barriers to competition. Unfortunately, the resulting legislative proposals – which the full Committee did not hold a hearing on or have reasonable time to fully consider – fell short of adequately addressing identified problems in an effective way that serves Americans’ interests. We urge the sponsors of the bills to take the necessary time, commit to a comprehensive approach, and work with their bipartisan colleagues of this Committee to address the concerns articulated during markup to further develop these bills.”

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