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Pelosi Statement on May Jobs Report

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,


San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the May jobs report:

“The May jobs report is further strong evidence that, under President Biden, our nation is defeating the pandemic and economic crisis.  Nearly 300 million vaccines have been administered, wages are rising and, each month, an average of well over half a million jobs have been created: more jobs created than in the beginning of any modern presidency.

“Democrats’ economic recovery plan is working and we must continue to act to Build Back Better.  It is imperative that we pass the American Jobs Plan – the boldest jobs plan in modern history – to create millions of good-paying union jobs and ensure America’s competitiveness for years to come.  We must also pass the Families Plan, because we can only fully recover from this crisis by investing in working families with the support they need to have children learning, parents earning. 

“Democrats are committed to bold action to advance prosperity, opportunity and justice in America and hope that Republicans will recognize the urgency of this mission.”

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