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Thompson Announces His Funding Request for State Route 37 Enhancements and Safety Improvements to Highway 116/West Cotati Intersection Included in Upcoming Highway Bill

Sonoma – Today Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-05) announced that his request for $7 million to make critical mobility improvements along State Route 37 in Sonoma County and his request for $2 million to make critical safety investments to Highway 116 in West Cotati were included in the infrastructure package that will be marked up later this week by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. This is an important step before a vote on the House floor.

“For far too long, State Route 37 has been an unsafe route for commuters, lacking a high occupancy vehicle lane. Highway 116 in Cotati also has major safety issues for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. That’s why I made Federal funding requests for both these projects my top priorities in the upcoming highway bill and why I will continue working to ensure these are included in the final legislation.

Thompson was able to secure $19.03 million in Federal funding as part of the Member Designated Project program that was started this Congress. This includes $742,000 for the San Pablo Avenue Rehabilitation in Pinole in Contra Costa County, $2.28 million for the Chip Seal Program in Lake County, $3 million for the Napa Valley Vine Trail in Napa County, $4 million for the State Route 37/Fairgrounds Drive Interchange project in Solano County, $2 million for the Highway 116/West Cotati Intersection Safety Improvement project in Sonoma County and $7 million for the State Route 37 Corridor Enhancement Program in Sonoma County. You can click here to learn more about these Federal funding requests made by Thompson. This legislation is being considered in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week and still needs to be approve by the full House and Senate and signed into law by President Biden.


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