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Pelosi Statement on LGBTQ Pride Month

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,


San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month:

“Every June, Americans celebrate the beauty, bravery and vibrancy of our cherished LGBTQ communities and commemorate the remarkable progress our nation has made toward full equality.  Just five decades ago, proud activists at the Stonewall Inn boldly rejected centuries of hatred and persecution in a moment that changed America and, indeed, the world.  During Pride Month, we carry on what began in the streets of New York City, proudly marching to demand an end to bigotry and to advance the cause of justice.

“Our nation has taken important strides toward full equality, thanks to generations of leaders and activists who rallied support for the gay community during the HIV/AIDS crisis, passed protections against discrimination and hate crimes, defeated the appalling ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, secured the right to marriage equality and more.  Tragically, hatred and bigotry still linger today: an alarming wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation is sweeping statehouses across the nation, while transgender women of color are suffering rising violence in our communities.  As these dark forces threaten to erode our hard-won progress, we cannot relent until our LGBTQ friends, family and neighbors can live with safety, dignity and pride.

“That is why, in February, the Democratic House once again passed the landmark Equality Act, which must become law.  The House salutes President Biden and Vice President Harris for their leadership, ensuring that LGBTQ Americans are protected against discrimination under the Civil Rights Act, ending the shameful ban on transgender servicemembers, working to protect transgender youth and stopping anti-LGBTQ discrimination in our health care system.  This Pride Month, let us recommit ourselves to finally realizing our nation’s founding creed: that all are equal.”

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