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Pelosi Statement Wishing Happy 90th Birthday to Willie Mays

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Pelosi Statement Wishing Happy 90th Birthday to Willie Mays

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement wishing San Francisco baseball legend Willie Mays a happy 90th birthday:

“Happy 90th Birthday to an all-American icon, Willie Mays.  A trailblazing, record-breaking baseball player, civil rights leader and champion for youth sports and well-being, Willie Mays is a civic legend and national treasure.  How proud we were to see President Obama joyfully granting him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  How proud we were to see Willie reveling in the San Francisco Giants’ three World Series victories and rallying fans at the ballpark. 

“When we dedicated a statue for Willie Mays’ fellow Alabamian, civil rights hero Rosa Parks, in the Capitol of the United States, I invited Willie Mays as my guest.  He could not attend but sent a letter to mark the occasion, and gave me permission to share his words.  He said: ‘Most times, change doesn’t happen fast.  Most times, it happens bit by bit, little by little, one person’s actions inspiring another.  Rosa Parks simply did what was natural.  And that simple act sparked outrage, and that outrage spread, and one person’s actions inspired change.  We will try to remember to encourage change when it serves justice.’

“On his 90th birthday, we remember Willie Mays growing up with injustice and blazing a trail, first in the Negro Leagues, and then as a Hall of Famer in Major League Baseball with the Giants.  We celebrate Willie Mays using his voice to advocate for civil rights, for opportunity for children and against domestic violence.  We celebrate his lasting impact, through his Say Hey Foundation and the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, on the legions of youth scholars and athletes he has helped.  And we celebrate Willie Mays for all he has done and continues to do to encourage change when it serves justice.”

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