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LaMalfa Issues Response to President Biden’s First Address to Congress

Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) issued the following response to President Biden’s first address to a Joint Session of Congress.

LaMalfa said, “Tonight, I had hoped that President Biden would reflect on the first 100 days and have seen the self-created border disaster and the attacks on energy-related and other solid jobs with some remorse or lessons learned. Alas, Biden’s first three initiatives in that 100 days total a staggering $6.3 trillion in new spending, an astronomical burden on our nation’s debt. With rising interest rates, a massive increase in debt would swallow all other federal spending and be nearly impossible to pay the interest. Worse, it would smother any chance of economic recovery. Instead of reopening and unleashing the American economy, Biden’s priorities would fund bailouts of wasteful blue states, taxpayer handouts to illegal immigrants, and social spending programs disguised as ‘infrastructure.’ His tax and spend policies are undercutting a much needed recovery from the year-long government forced shutdown. His plans will freeze investment activity, hitting those in middle and lower income ranges hardest, particularly those who own or desire to buy their own homes. Despite his continued campaign rhetoric promising unity, Biden’s actions show he believes in more government, centralizing more power in DC, more taxing, and more spending, all at the expense of individual freedom and opportunity. Americans wanting to return to a sense of normalcy after a pandemic are going to be extremely disappointed.”

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