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Swalwell Announces CA-15 Resident as Virtual Guest to Presidential Address

CASTRO VALLEY, CA — Today, Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-15) announced he would bring Michelle Gutierrez-Vo, RN, a local CA-15 nurse, as his virtual guest to President Biden’s joint address to Congress on Wednesday. Gutierrez-Vo lives in Union City with her family and works in the adult medicine clinic at Kaiser Permanente in Fremont. 

The joint address, which is President Biden’s first speech to a joint session of Congress, marks 100 days into the president’s first term. In the past, Members of Congress have often invited constituents to join them as guests to such speeches. While COVID-19 safety protocols mean this year’s in-person attendance will be limited, Swalwell invited Gutierrez-Vo to honor the health care workers in California’s 15th Congressional District and to amplify their stories.

“Promises made and promises exceeded,” said Swalwell. “The first 100 days of President Biden’s term have marked a return to decency, diplomacy, and delivering on what we promised to the American people.” 

“The American Rescue plan is providing direct relief to families across the country, reviving our economy, and starting to beat the virus.” 

“Thanks to the hard work of people like my constituent and virtual guest to the address, Michelle Gutierrez-Vo, we are back on track to reopen our district and crush COVID-19.” 

“The most amazing change I can observe is that we actually have federal leadership now that is listening to science,” said Gutierrez-Vo. “That’s huge for me as a nurse and a mother. We’re not living in this crazy world of denial anymore. And that has given me so much hope.”

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