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McCarthy Condemns Newsom’s Fracking Ban

Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy responded to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest actions to ban new hydraulic fracturing by 2024 and phase out oil and gas extraction by 2045 in the State.
McCarthy released the following statement:

“Today’s annoucment by Governor Newsom to ban fracking and phase-out all oil and gas production in California is a transparent attempt to appeal to extremist environmental groups, and I vehemently oppose this action. Unfortunately, nearly 366,000 good-paying jobs supported by the oil and gas industry in our state, 71% of which come from right here in Kern County, are now at risk of being jeopardized. This move will also drive-up gas prices at the pump and lead California away from energy independence, ultimately making our state more vulnerable to and reliant on foreign competitors to meet our energy needs. Rather than putting the good of all Californians first, Newsom is irresponsibly making California a more expensive place to live and raise a family.”

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