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McCarthy Joins LaMalfa in Calling for Better Forest Management in California

For years, Democrats in Sacramento and Washington have blocked commonsense reforms to improve forest health while environmental groups have filed endless litigation to block forest management activities. This, combined with regular drought, has made fire season an almost year-round occurrence in California. Last year in the midst of an already overwhelming pandemic, California experienced some of the most devastating wildfires in our State’s history.

This needs to change, and California House Republicans are working to make this happen.

Erskine 1.png
Congressman McCarthy visits damage caused by Erskine Fire, 2016.

The RESTORE Act, introduced by Congressman Doug LaMalfa and cosponsored by McCarthy, enables governors to identify the most at-risk forested lands in their states and request federal government collaboration on large-scale projects designed to reduce the risk of wildfires, remove dead or dying trees, and install fuel breaks on these lands.

CalOES 1_1.jpg
McCarthy reviews map of California fires.

“Fires are not partisan – they do not discriminate between Republicans and Democrats,” McCarthy stated. “That is why for the sake of all Californians, I call on Governor Newsom and all of my colleagues in California’s congressional delegation to support enacting the RESTORE Act into law to help ensure that proper forest management is a priority in order to avoid a potentially disastrous wildfire season this year and in the future.”

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