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LaMalfa: Biden’s Unilateral Gun Orders “Will Not Make One Single American Safer”

Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) issued the following statement after President Joe Biden announced executive actions to weaken Second Amendment rights.

Rep. LaMalfa said, “Today’s unilateral orders by President Biden weaken a fundamental constitutional protection and will not make one single American safer. His proposed remedy for gun violence does absolutely nothing to prevent criminals from acquiring weapons and is simply another burden on the millions of Americans who lawfully own and use firearms. It defies logic that taking the same steps as cities that have seen drastic increases in violence would somehow work on the national level, but Democrats’ solution to stopping crime seems to be to take police off the streets, weaken the Constitution, and empower criminals.

“There is another underlying danger to these actions as well. President Biden’s cavalier defense of his executive orders, claiming ‘no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,’ are not only offensive to all Americans who value our system of government but deeply troubling. Every American, whether owning a gun or not, should ask themselves: if my President thinks he is unbound by the Constitution to weaken this right, what right that I value will he come for next?”

Biden’s orders include instructions to the Department of Justice to implement “red flag” laws that will give the federal government new authorizations to take any individuals firearms, prohibit hobbyists from assembling and customizing guns, and institute additional layers of background checks that have been shown not to keep guns from criminals.

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