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LaMalfa Rolls Out Legislative Package Banning “COVID Vaccine Passports”

Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) issued the following statement after introducing the first of two bills to prohibit the use of “COVID Vaccine Passports.”

Rep. LaMalfa said, “It is unacceptable in this country that someone might be denied service because they are unable to receive a vaccine injection due to legitimate health reasons, availability, or simply because they choose not to receive one. This country was founded to protect individual freedoms, and my legislation will ensure that Americans do not have their health decisions forced upon them by the federal government or private companies. We cannot allow the fear and uncertainty of 2020 to justify authoritarianism and increased government control.”

The Biden Administration coronavirus team has been actively working with certain private entities in efforts to institute COVID related passport requirements.

LaMalfa’s first bill, introduced today, will:

  • Require that the Secretary of Transportation prohibit air carriers from denying an individual air transportation solely because such individual lacks COVID-19 related documentation,
  • Prohibit Amtrak from denying rail transportation to an individual solely because such individual lacks COVID-19 related documentation, and
  • Prohibit funds from being used to create or administer a database of individuals who have received a vaccine injection against COVID-19, or for any federal agency to require proof that an individual has received it. 

LaMalfa’s second bill, to be introduced in the coming days, will:

  • Prohibit businesses denying service based on COVID treatment status,
  • Prohibit employers requiring that their employees receive the COVID-19 injection, and
  • Prohibit state and local governments from prohibiting access based on COVID prevention status.

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