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LaMalfa: ‘For the Politicians’ Act Perhaps Most Dangerous, Hypocritical Bill in Decades

Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) issued the following statement in opposition to H.R. 1, the Democratic leadership’s top priority bill for the 117th Congress that would enable federal funding of political campaigns.

Rep. LaMalfa said, “The new fines created by the ‘For the Politicians’ Act don’t go towards improving infrastructure or our economy or to North State priorities but instead use federal dollars to flood political campaign spending on ads, robocalls, and Washington consultants. Like every partisan bill Democrats have advanced this year, this bill received a noble-sounding name to distract from its contents—a long list of Democratic fantasies like enabling felons to vote and weakening election integrity. Before my Republican colleagues and I exposed them, the federal dollars this bill siphoned towards campaigns came directly from taxpayers, but Democrats responded to backlash by creating an illusory system of ‘fines’ to hide the funding source. Democrats then provided cover with an amendment which banned public funding for political campaigns in a huge package of other poison pill amendments.

“It’s appalling to me that despite the many issues facing our country the Democrats have prioritized a bill to supplement political campaigns with federal dollars and further erode public trust in our elections. They hid its intent, but that is the state of the Democratic House under Speaker Pelosi. This might be the most dangerous and hypocritical bill introduced in the House of Representatives in a long time, and I strongly oppose it.”

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