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LaMalfa: Free People Don’t Have Curfews

(Sacramento, CA) – Congressman Doug LaMalfa issued the following statement after Governor Gavin Newsom issued a 10 PM – 5AM forced curfew for counties in which the Governor says may have a “widespread” COVID-19 outbreak. Under the Governor’s orders, in the “purple” designated counties, all family gatherings, including Thanksgiving, traveling, and evening activities that are outside of your home will be banned.

LaMalfa said: “Most of my constituents don’t buy $400 meals at swanky Napa restaurants as the Governor does, but it’s not his or the government’s business when and where we eat anyway. This curfew is essentially saying you can stay out late and have seafood in San Francisco, but not enjoy a late ribeye in Red Bluff.

“This threat of holding so-called violators of this forced lockdown accountable is laughable. The cops are plenty busy re-catching actual criminals that the Governor released from prison ostensibly because of COVID-19. What we don’t need are government social workers to tuck us in at night, and they certainly aren’t invited to our Thanksgiving table. The absurdity is that it’s a nighttime curfew. This virus doesn’t somehow turn up its wattage at 10 PM. A free people should make their own educated decisions about what is safe and how they would like to behave. For a Governor who said nothing about virus spreaders at riots, violent protests, and Biden celebrations to now try to tell you what you can do in the evening is an insult to all who’ve tried to play along the last 8 months.”


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