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Rep. Garamendi Honors 37 Women at his 2020 Women of the Year Ceremony

SACRAMENTO, CA – At his 7th annual Women of the Year event, Congressman John Garamendi (D-CA) honored 37 women from the Third Congressional District of California who are leaders and visionaries in their communities. The women have all made significant contributions to society through public service, business, education, and local advocacy. This year’s ceremony was conducted virtually and included a conversation on the women’s suffrage movement to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that was led by Dr. Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor of UC Davis.

“Every year I have the honor of recognizing the achievements and service of these distinguished women, Garamendi said. “These leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, but every one of them has made a real difference to their communities and the people around them. It’s a privilege to be able to honor them.”

“As the COVID-19 pandemic has rippled through our nation, each of these women have worked tirelessly to serve their communities and help vulnerable populations weather this storm. Their service is deserving of recognition, and by receiving this award, their work will be commemorated and chronicled at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC,” Garamendi continued.

“This year’s Women of the Year ceremony also recognized the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. I thank Dr. Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor of the UC Davis History Department for her passionate and informative presentation on the topic, and for every participant in this event who reaffirmed their commitment to achieving a truly equitable and just society,” Garamendi concluded

This year’s Women of the Year Event also included a posthumous tribute and recognition of Neena Gill of Yuba City, who passed away in March of this year. Neena Gill will be remembered as a tireless community leader whose constant smile and ceaseless gratitude brought joy to all around her. A Punjabi immigrant, Neena was an integral part of the Yuba-Sutter community. She and her beloved husband Kash are known in the community for farming peaches, prunes, walnuts, and almonds.

“While battling her own battle with breast cancer, Neena continued her lifelong work of advancing women’s health by raising over $75,000 to procure a 3D Toma Imaging Machine for the local health center. Neena’s relentless dedication will ensure access to early screenings for breast cancer, so that future patients can have an earlier diagnosis and a better chance of beating this deadly disease.  

“Neena’s legacy will continue to reverberate within the campus of Yuba Community College and the greater Yuba-Sutter area. It is my distinct honor to award posthumously the 2020 Woman of the Year Award to Neena Gill,” Garamendi said.

You can view a slideshow of this year’s honorees here. The video of event can be viewed in its entirety here

The list of 2020 Women of the Year Honorees is included below:

Lake County:

Yvonne Cox (Lucerne)

Glenn County:

Janet Lacy (Orland)

Barbara Mann (Willows)

Colusa County:

Denise Conrado (Colusa)

Stacey Costello (Colusa)

Janita Smith (Colusa)

Solano County:

Susan Rotchy (Dixon)

Lois Cross (Dixon)

Andrea Garcia (Fairfield)

Nicole Howell (Fairfield)

Judi Booe (Suisun City)

Kathlan Latimer (Suisun City)

Wendy Breckon (Vacaville)

Dawn La Bar (Vacaville)

Alice McBride (Vacaville)

Mary Vasquez (Vacaville)

Jeanette Wylie (Vacaville)

Yolo County:

Aimee Brewer (Davis)

Brenda Cameron (Davis)

Rachel Davidson (Davis)

Ann Marie Flynn (Davis)
Sara Johnson (Davis)

Julie Martin (Davis)
Leticia Quirarte (Winters)

Corkey Mapalo (Woodland)

Yuba/ Sutter Counties:

Dr. Phuong Luu (Marysville)

Adrian Carpenter-McKinney (Plumas Lake)

Jeanette Oschner (Sutter)

Julie Shepherd (Sutter)

Gina Tarke (Sutter)

Marie Teria (Sutter)

Robin Ziegenmeyer (Sutter)

Kristine Cassidy (Yuba City)

Narinder Dhaliwal (Yuba City)

Janie Nall (Yuba City)
Betty Nelson (Yuba City)

Raji Tumber (Yuba City)


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