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Rep. Paul Cook Receives Award from the Marine Corps Reserve Association

WASHINGTON –The Marine Corps Reserve Association presented Rep. Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley) with the Association’s highest honor, the “Non-Sibi, Sed Patriae” (Not for Self, But for Country). In the 60 years the award has been presented, only a handful of people have received it.

Rep. Cook, a Lifetime Member of the Marine Corps Reserve Association, began his service to our country in 1966, swearing allegiance to “defend this country against all enemies” and becoming a Second Lieutenant of the United States Marine Corps. For his service in Vietnam, Cook received two Purple Hearts, Combat Action Ribbons, and a Bronze Star with a “V” for gallantry. He served in the Marine Corps for 26 years, retiring as a Colonel in 1992.

Rep. Cook said, “I want to thank Colonel Hopper and the Marine Corps Reserve Association for honoring me with this important award. I’m deeply humbled by this occasion, and it’s been the privilege of a lifetime to have had the opportunity to continue serving our military during my time in Congress. For 244 years, the Marines have been protecting America at home and abroad. I know that 244 years from now, the Marines will still be making a difference in the world.”

In presenting the award to Rep. Cook, Colonel Ken Hopper (Ret.), National President of the Marine Corps Reserve Association, said, “The criteria for this award is simple; an individual must show a consistent devotion to the interests of the National Defense, the Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps Reserve. Only those military and civilian leaders who have demonstrated these qualities will receive this award. Paul has given 54 years to public service, with 34 of those years at the federal level. It is my distinct honor and privilege to present the Non-Sibi, Sed Patriae award to Marine Corps Reserve Association Lifetime Member, Congressman Paul Cook.”

A member of the House Armed Services and Natural Resources Committees, Cook has represented California’s Eight Congressional District since 2013. Cook will retire from Congress at the end of 2020.

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