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Pelosi Statement on Senate Republicans’ Latest Attack on the Health and Freedom of American Women

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after Senate Republicans failed to pass two anti-choice, anti-women bills designed to deny women the right to make their own personal health care decisions:

“Instead of voting on any of the 275 bipartisan, House-passed pieces of legislation sitting on Leader McConnell’s desk, Senate Republicans have once again attacked the freedom of women to make their own health decisions in consultation with their families, their physicians and their faith.  This latest outrageous attempt to gut Roe v. Wade’s fundamental protections is purpose-built to misinform, shame and deny women their fundamental rights, undermining our Constitution and the health and well-being of America’s women and families.

“At every opportunity, Republicans in Congress, this Administration and in state capitols across the country have shown utter disrespect for women’s most private health decisions.  These Republicans have worked relentlessly to allow politicians and employers to interfere in women’s personal decisions, and to roll back a generation of progress achieved by countless fearless women who spoke up, marched and voted to secure their rights and their freedom.  

“While the Senate prioritizes dangerous, politically-motivated bills designed to hurt women and families, House Democrats will continue to stand with the millions of Americans demanding action to protect a woman’s right to choose, and strengthen access to the health care that all families need to grow and thrive.”  

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