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Harder to Bring Taxidermy Nutria to Floor of Congress as His Bill to Fight Destructive Rodent Invasion Passes House

WASHINGTON – Representative Josh Harder (CA-10) will bring “Nellie” a stuffed Nutria to the House Floor tomorrow at approximately 1:15 EST during debate on his bipartisan bill to reauthorize a program which helps states like California battle the invasive species of giant swamp rats. In September, Rep. Harder brought the life-size taxidermy nutria to a Congressional hearing to illustrate the threat posed by the invader for his colleagues. In a separate hearing, he brought a graphic example of the invasion curve (colloquially referred to as a “#RatChart”) to demonstrate the need to act urgently. 

Rep. Harder Gestures to Nellie’s “Nacho Cheese Colored Teeth” During House Natural Resources Hearing

In June of 2019, Rep. Harder along with his fellow Central Valley representatives introduced a bill to reauthorize the Nutria Eradication and Control Act of 2003. Rep. Harder has repeatedly pushed to pass the bill, sometimes including Nellie in his efforts.

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