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Pelosi Statement on White House Proposal for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the White House’s proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative:

“It has been my hope that the proposed White House Israeli-Palestinian initiative could provide a basis for negotiations to advance a just, stable and lasting peace in the Middle East.

“However, the proposal that was presented today raises many questions, specifically regarding unilateral annexation, settlement freezes and lack of negotiations with the Palestinians.  There appear to be ambiguities in the plan that need clarification.

“I look forward to studying the plan in full.  Any agreement must be measured against the degree to which it is consistent with American values and interests, including Israel’s long-term security and the Palestinian right to self-determination.  

“As the House stated in House Resolution 326, passed in December 2019, ‘The United States, with the support of regional and international partners, can play a constructive role toward ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by putting forward a proposal for achieving a two-state solution… While the United States remains indispensable to any viable effort to achieve that goal, only the Israelis and the Palestinians can make the difficult choices necessary to end their conflict.’

“Let us pray for peace.”

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