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Pelosi Statement on Supreme Court Granting Stay in in Department of Homeland Security v. State of New York

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,


Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Supreme Court granted the Trump Administration’s application for a stay of the District Court for the Southern District of New York decision, which ordered an injunction against the Administration’s rule dramatically limiting admissibility and green cards for immigrants based on potential future participation in in-kind government initiatives including for food, health and housing:

“The Supreme Court’s decision to grant the Administration more time to advance its cruel and unlawful attacks on immigrants is a serious and troubling departure from long-standing judicial norms.  No injury has been shown by the Trump Administration that would merit a stay.

“As the House wrote in its amicus brief, ‘Denying a stay would merely preserve the status quo while the Court of Appeals proceeds to resolve this case on an expedited timeline.’  Instead, the Court is giving the Administration the green light to dramatically distort the century-old definition of ‘public charge’ in a way that directly contravenes the will of Congress, which has repeatedly refused to authorize the Administration’s assault on immigrants’ rights and well-being: ‘DHS may not substitute its own policy judgment for Congress’s in this way.’  Our Constitution’s system of separation of powers must be respected.

“This rule is immoral and unworkable, in addition to being illegal.  The Administration is seeking to inject vast discrimination and uncertainty into immigration and public assistance systems, simply to punish and terrorize immigrant communities.  The Administration itself has admitted that this rule will harm family stability, increase poverty and undermine public health.

“While this decision is extremely disappointing, the House is hopeful that the courts will rule on the merits to reject the Administration’s illegal and immoral attack on immigrant communities.”

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