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President Trump is Standing Up for Our Agricultural Community

Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy joined President Trump at the White House during the signing of Phase 1 of a trade pact between the United States and China. McCarthy released the following statement in support of the President’s move to assist California’s agricultural community:

“Once again, President Trump is supporting our farmers and agricultural producers through the signing of this first phase of a new trade pact. As part of today’s negotiations, the President secured a commitment from China to purchase $80 billion worth of California and American food, agricultural, and seafood products over the next two years. This will help ensure that California agricultural products retain a presence in the Chinese market despite China’s tariffs on our exports. Additionally, China has agreed to expand access to its market for beef and pork products and rice, among others. The state of California is the fifth largest agricultural producer in the world, and I am confident that these measures will help continue to ensure that our state remains an agricultural leader globally.”


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