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Pelosi Statement on Earthquakes in Puerto Rico

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,


Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the recent earthquakes that struck Puerto Rico, which killed at least one person:

“Americans from every corner of the country send our prayers to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico who have been devastated by the earthquakes that struck over the past several days.

“The Trump Administration must respond to this tragedy with urgency and compassion, and quickly grant the request for an emergency declaration so that emergency assistance can swiftly reach those impacted by this week’s earthquakes.  The people of Puerto Rico cannot afford a repeat of the same failed response of the Administration following Hurricanes Maria and Irma.  The Administration’s willful withholding of Congressionally-approved assistance in the aftermath of those hurricanes has seriously undermined efforts to prepare for future disasters such as this, and risks senseless and preventable loss of life and damage now.  

“As a Californian who has seen firsthand the devastation caused by earthquakes, I stand with the people of Puerto Rico during this difficult time, and offer the support of Congress in aiding with recovery, rebuilding and prevention efforts.  Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico deserve to know that their government will be there for them, without question or hesitation.”

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